Media Pitch Photo Service is a wing of Media Pitch where photographers, illustrators and cartoonists upload their work, tag prices on them and sell them to media houses, publications and others across the globe.
This is the first-of-its-kind initiative in and from India where freelancers and independent professionals have come together to act as an agency and sell their work at their own set price.
Media houses and publications also have something to gain from
Wider choice: At, they will get a wider choice of images as the contributors of this online image store come from various part of India. As the number of contributors is growing every day, chances of getting what they are looking for is much more as even the biggest photo agency from India must be having a very limited number of staff.
No subscription: Unlike normal photo agencies, they are not required to subscribe our services. They can download images as and when they want as per their requirements and pay only for those images.
Won’t feel cheated: Many photo agency hire good salesmen who will sell you their services. But later on you realize that the particular does not have enough pictures to match your requirements. And you can’t do much about it as you had already signed an yearly bond with that photo agency.
Let us know: In case media houses or publications are unable to find an image that suits their needs, they can always tell us by mailing us at, in turn, will contact its contributors and see if they can help you in getting the required image.
Photo Agency


Photo Agency


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